Abbas Akhavan

CAT'S PAW, 2021

Chisenhale Gallery, London
14 August – 17 October 2021

Non-profit art gallery support

Concrete Projects is pleased to have supported the installation of CAT’S PAW, 2021. An outdoor extension of Abbas Akhavan’s exhibition, painted on the rooftop of Chisenhale Gallery.

Visible mostly to birds, drones, from aeroplanes and taller neighbouring buildings, large letters cover the entire roof reading: CAT’S PAW, an idiom derived from Jean de La Fontaine’s 1679 fable The Monkey and The Cat.

The roof painting will fade with time, and the cob and timber used in the installation will be composted and repurposed after the exhibition.

Concrete Projects is committed to supporting outdoor extensions of institutional exhibitions, as we believe it has never been more necessary to provide access to art beyond the gallery walls.

Concrete Projects provided financial and technical support to this installation.