Rindon Johnson

Coeval Proposition Proposition #1: Tear down so as to make flat with the Ground or The *Trans America Building DISMANTLE EVERYTHING (2020), 2021

Chisenhale Gallery, London
6 November 2021 – 6 February 2022

Non-profit art gallery support

Concrete Projects is pleased to have supported the installation of an outdoor extension of Rindon Johnson’s exhibition, installed in the Hertford Union Canal, which runs along the back of Chisenhale Gallery.

The large-scale sculpture references the distinctive silhouette of the Transamerica Pyramid in Johnson’s hometown, San Francisco. Floating on a temporary pontoon in the canal, the work is visible from the towpath of the waterway.

The Transamerica Pyramid’s silhouette and name act as starting points to address questions of identity and belonging, such as where one comes from, but also accounting for an ongoing process of identification and disidentification. 

Concrete Projects is committed to supporting outdoor extensions of institutional exhibitions, as we believe it has never been more necessary to provide access to art beyond the gallery walls.

Concrete Projects provided financial and technical support to this installation.